US Navy 40MM Ammo Can


     In good shape, water- and air-proof - great for secure storage against weather and rodents. Six latches - 2 on each side, one at each end for secure waterproofing (this is a Navy item, after all).

     I've always heard these called "40 MM" cans, but the ones I just checked were marked ".30" and ".50", so the Navy obviously used them universally.

     I believe these date back a ways - maybe even to WW2 days. You prob will have to deal with some rust, but these could be restored to look really cool.

     Most could use a good coat of paint on the outside.

      Large: 8.5" Wide X 17.5" Long X 14.5" High

      "Good Shape" means no dents, functioning lid, but expect some "clean up" - possible slight rust spots - and, as noted, most could use a good coat of paint.

      Limited quantities.

      You are welcome to stop by the warehouse to pick these up, but you will need to call (336 465 8178) to set up an time, as the warehouse is not open to the public.


  • Item #: WP002
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