US GI Web Slings, Used, "Vietnam grade"!


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Yep, slings so WELL-USED they might have come back from "over there"! Complete with all the metal, but the webbing will be dirty, worn, frayed - and the metal likely will have some - or considerable - rust. BUT, they will be fully serviceable (that is, they will do the job they are supposed to do!), whether to carry the rifle over your shoulder, or be used as a "steady" when shooting (I've seen guys use the sling to give them accuracy in hitting the target equal to shooting off the bench! Why would you not want to use a sling as a shooting aid?)

Why settle for one of the current commercial knockoffs - most from China, when you can have a real and original US GI Web Sling, first used on the M1 Garand, later on the M14, and then on early M16s.  Requires standard GI 1 1/4 sling swivels.


   They will usually benefit from a good cleaning...

   Each sling will carry "Fred's Hundred Mile" Gaurantee - if the sling fails in the first 100 miles of use, return for replacement.


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