US GI Web Slings, Used, Good - and, maybe a little better!


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Real and original US military GI Web Slings, first used on the M1 Garand, later on the M14, and then on early M16s.

Complete and in good shape, minimal to no fraying and could benefit from a good brush-down with soap and water - which would likely bring them up to VG or even Excellent condition. Requires 1 1/4 sling swivels.

Note: I was told years ago by a gun show dealer (who bought these slings from me by the hundred!) that when you take the metal off and throw them in the washer and dryer, they come out looking new!

I found his claim kinda hard to believe even if he swore it was true, but most of the slings would certainly benefit from a good cleaning, even if you don't run them thru the wash...

Low quantity on these...

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