US GI WW2 Web Slings, As New!



     Yessir, it's not common knowledge that in the emergency of ramping up to fight the Big One, Uncle Sam caused web slings to be manufactured for all those 1903s, A3s, and Garands he was piling up!

     WW2 GI webs are ID'd by the very small buckle with very sharp cornors, along with a keeper stamped out of sheet metal. They worked.

     If you want a sling for that WW2 M1 Garand or that Springfield M1903A3, why not get an original one?

     Altho 80 or more years old, we have a few which seem to have been unissued.

     Did you say, "must be scarce as hen's teeth"?

     Better order one, while we still have them in stock, as quantities of this grade are very limited.

     Add $15 for a dated one - most in 1944!


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