US GI M14 Solid Handguard, Gd-VG


    Solid US GI M14 handguard - the toughest handguard for the M14 rifle. Comes in various shades of brown - from "coffe" to red-brown to chocholate-brown to a near black-brown. Condition is standard used, Gd-VG.

    Be aware that toward the front end you often will see a hairline crack. The crack is in the hard surface of the HG, and is not anything more than a cosmetic blemish, altho we do not send out HGs with such cracks except in the "Fair-Good" grades.

    If you look closely at the front of the HG, you will see there is a fiberglass reinforcement under that very hard surface coating which will prevent the crack from penetrating more than skin-deep. In other words, nothing to worry about...

    Complete with clip.

  • Item #: H016
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