US GI M14 Slotted Handguard, Presentation-grade - BACK IN STOCK!

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   The early and somewhat rare (at least, in good condition!) US GI M14 slotted handguard - Not the toughest handguard for the M14 rifle - the slots made it somewhat weak, and also allowed heat escaping from the barrel to interfere with a good sight pic. However, there's no question: A SLOTTED HG LOOKS COOL!

     Unlike the solid HG, 'slotteds' come in only two colors: a chocholate-brown or a much rarer (and prob very early) red-brown. VERY HTF in this condition, which is as perfect as you can get, and to find one, you have to pick thru the thousands of slotteds handguards which arrived at Fred's. At one time, there were over 125,000 M14 handguards in the warehouse!

   So, I can really do - and did - a 'pick' to find these "P"-grades...

   Yes, each is complete with the metal handguard clip.

    The US GI M14 Slotted Handguard was fiberglass (of course!), but the exterior outer layer was extremely hard - and, being hard, somewhat brittle. You often see minor hairline cracks in that outer coating. They do not interfere with the functionality of the handguard, nor do they presage development of larger cracks, later.

    The cracking is simply the nature of the very hard outer layer.

    We pick the "P-grades" to be as near perfect as possible. There will likely be NO hairline cracks - altho some hairlines are so small and so near invisible that, if you get out a magnifying glass, you might be able to see SOMETHING.

     Nevertheless, the "P" slotted will be the best you can find; 50 years old but like new.

     The silver paint underneath the HG is not near as bright as the silver paint can be on a solid HG. I do not grade the paint underneath; only on the external surface, the part you see when on the rifle.

     I do not believe you will find a better example of a US GI original slotted HG than one of these...


     Keep in mind - when these things were originally manufactured, they were mass produced, and likely dumped in big bins until needed. These were made to be used, not to be collected, so no special care was taken to keep a handguard - or make a handguard - in perfect condition. The standard was to meet the specs - and the specs were based on functionality, not cosmetics. So when we promise you "P", we promise only that there is no evidence since manufacture of any defects picked up in use.


    Also keep in mind: These are HTF. Only when you have access to thousands can you realize the possibility of finding a few of these in what amounts to "mint" condition!


FAQ: Fred, why would I want one of these? Very few of you need or want one of these. Since the difference between this grade and the next grade down - H017 "As New-Plus" Slotted HG - is so minor, most people will be satisfied with the next grade down, or the grade below that, the "As New". The only person who should order this grade is the ultra-picky, or the collector. Everyone else will be perfectly happy with the "As New" or "AN-plus", each of which will have minor cosmetic blemishes common to all mass-produced articles.



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