US GI M14 Slotted Handguard, Gd-VG OUT OF STOCK!



    The early and somewhat rare (at least, in good condition!) US GI M14 slotted handguard - Not the toughest handguard for the M14 rifle - the slots made it somewhat weak, and also allowed heat escaping from the barrel to interfere with a good sight pic. However, there's no question A SLOTTED HG LOOKS COOL! Unlike the solid HG, 'slotteds' come in only two colors: a chocholate-brown or a much rarer (and prob very early) red-brown. These are run-of-the-mill, standard used US GI M14 slotted handguards, and will therefore have the usual surface cracks, incipient cracks, chips, etc - but will be completely serviceable - ie, will attach securely to your rifle, and protect your hands from contact with a hot barrel.

    Best description of these: "Military grade" - used in the service, which all that implies as to conditon.

    Figure any slotted HG (except for "Presentation" and "As New Plus") will grade one grade lower than the equivalent solid HG. It's simply a function of those slots allowing for plenty of opportunity for chipping, cracking, crazing, etc.

    As to looks, you can prob improve them with some effort by using these as a basis for coming up with an overhauled slotted HG.

    Complete with clip.

US GI M14 Slotted Handguard, Gd-VG OUT OF STOCK!
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