US GI M14 BLACK Handguard, As-NewPlus

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    I've never heard a good explanation for why the military with its emphasis on "spec-ing" everything, wound up with HGs which are BLACK and not brown. I suspect these are early based on the fact that most of them are well-used. Those which are in good shape are somewhat rare - those in "presentation" condition - the pick of the 'as news' are VERY HTF in this condition, which is as perfect as you can get. Complete with clip.

    These are not quite "Presentation" grade - not quite perfect, but so close they were seriously considered for the "P" classification. But one or more very small marks kept them out of that category.

     As you can imagine, unless a person is really picky, he will not only like the new "As NewPlus" handguard, but wonder why it's really not a "P"!

US GI M14 BLACK Handguard, As-NewPlus
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