The Instructors AQT Package

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EVERY American should follow the founders of this nation, and be skilled in firearms marksmanship, just as they were. Just as every American should be expected to defend this nation and its Constitution. If you want to meet your obligation as an American, and repay that debt you owe the founders, learn - and then teach to others - rifle marksmanship.

Yes, using "Fred's Guide to Becoming a Rifleman" you can learn to shoot a rifle accurately, to a Rifleman standard, able to hit a man-sized target out to 500 yards - and then teach your neighbor, your niece or nephew - so that the tradition does not die.

Heck, make it fun by enlisting that neighbor or relative into learning alongside you - it's a lot more fun when someone else is on "the rifleman trail" along with you! Not only fun, but a bonding experience, so consider the females of the family as well as the obvious males...

This package makes it cheap and easy. Contents: 50 Quick and Dirty AQT targets; 50 of the new Practice AQT (multiple Stages 2-4 for repetitive training); 100 Classification AQTs [the Greencoats] to sucker all the new shooters in (who can resist finding out how well they can shoot, in only 8 rounds?). Also comes with Freds Guide to Becoming a Rifleman plus a special Instructors Guide! Be the first on your block to become an instructor...INCLUDES 100 OF THE REDCOAT "How far off am I effective with my rifle?" TARGET!

The Redcoat target is fun, quick, takes little ammo (13 rounds!) and gives you an almost instant measure of your rifle-shooting skills. You'll want to take the challenge over and over, it's so much fun...good thing there's a hundred in the package!

The Instructors AQT Package
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