The Instructors AQT Package

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If you want to meet your obligation under the Constitution, or repay that debt you owe the founders, learn - and then teach to others - rifle marksmanship. This package makes it cheap and easy. Contents: 50 Quick and Dirty AQT targets; 50 of the new Practice AQT (multiple Stages 2-4 for repetitive training); 100 Classification AQTs to sucker all the new shooters in (who can resist finding out how well they can shoot, in only 8 rounds?). Also comes with Freds Guide to Becoming a Rifleman plus a special Instructors Guide! Be the first on your block to become an instructor...INCLUDES 100 OF THE REDCOAT "How far off am I effective with my rifle?" TARGET!

The Redcoat target is fun, quick, takes little ammo (13 rounds!) and gives you an almost instant measure of your rifle-shooting skills. You'll want to take the challenge over and over, it's so much fun...good thing there's a hundred in the package!

The Instructors AQT Package
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