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The USMC green cotton shooting jacket in this "Rifleman's Package" is designed for use by marines during the rifle training phase of boot camp, and for other marksmanship events.

It has elbow pads (very useful in prone shooting) and a shoulder pad (nice, but not necessary, as a rifleman knows how to control recoil).

It also avoids the "girdle" effect of commercial shooting jackets designed to stiffen you up. You should order a size up, so as to allow room for sweater/sweatshirt in colder weather.

Wash these at your own risk! They will shrink. No respectible rifleman should ever wash his jacket, taking all the mojo out of it! (smile)

If you have to clean it, they tell me, "wash it in cold water". I think I'd just have it dry-cleaned...(never have cleaned mine)

This set of jacket, "Fred's Guide to Becoming a Rifleman", and Army Qualification Test targets is the way any Rifleman will get started, and the way he or she will measure progress toward becoming a Rifleman, as well as confirming skill retention.

Start out cold, to find out whether you are a rifleman - or a cook. Shoot this Army course through at 25 meters (82 ft) to determine your current shooting skill. Then read the included Fred's "Guide to Becoming a Rifleman" (later, you'll agree, it's priceless!) to improve until you can shoot Rifleman scores.

The shooting jacket is made by the suppliers to the military - unfortunately, they are now out of business, so once our existing stock is gone, it's gone! As long as current inventory lasts...

    This lightweight shooting jacket is identical to that used by USMC - it has a shoulder pad (you don't as a rifleman need it, but it's nice, anyways) and, better, elbow pads. Shoot just a little bit in prone, on those elbows, and you'll fast see the benefit of the elbow pads being right there, when and where you need them.

   I suggest you order a size larger so in colder weather you can add a sweater/sweatshirt or two.

    I am told these shrink when washed, but a rifleman never runs the risk of washing his jacket as the mojo is water soluble! If you have to clean it, I'm told cold water only - personally, I'd simply have it dry-cleaned...but in several years' use, mine has never been cleaned.

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