RARE! M14E2 Birch Rifle Stock, UNISSUED! SOLD OUT!

 SOLD OUT! PLEASE DO NOT ORDER! We have a few - very few! - unissued M14E2 Birch stocks. Complete with all the hard-to-find metal (the metal is EXC/As New).

The GI Birch E2 stocks were unlike the walnut E2s as they were issued later, and are generally in better (less used) condition.

Birch as good rifle stock material, as it's about 20% stronger than walnut, in additon to being less subject to cracks, splits, etc. The surface being harder than walnut, it is also harder to 'ding' than a walnut would be.

If it's rare to find a walnut E2 with original markings of any kind, it's even rarer to find a birch E2 with original markings - being replacement E2 stocks, it's unlikely they ever had markings. At most, you may sometimes fine a "P" proof. Original walnut E2s did not have a backer plate for the front handgrip/swivel screws, so there were issues with rough use pulling the front grip right out of the forarm, necessitating major repairs to the forend. ALL the birch E2s I've seen have a metal backer plate to prevent that from happening - so if you should happen to jump over a trench, and slip and fall, that sling will not come off the stock, taking the front grip and swivel with it! All these stocks have the original GI metal. The original buttpads sometimes deteriorated, so when that happens, we've replaced it with a buttpad using modern materials which should last generations - and used the original metal reinforcement plate fo the original GI buttpad, so you're getting as close to the original article as possible.

These stocks are just as they came from Uncle Sam - and appear UNISSUED.

Hurry! Only one left!


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