Molon Labe

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Another must-read book. From the back cover: "2020 Wyoming - where liberty is taken seriously and American heroism finally makes its stand. Molon Labe dramatizes an imminent sage of Western courage in mankind's eternal struggle against tyranny. The humble and reluctantly determined governor of a lone, courageous state stands ready to defend his legislature's independent actions within the federal system.The President of the United States is poised to assert the will of his jealous imperial sovereignty.

"The voters of Wyoming, many of them new to the state, have clearly spoken. 'This is a free state.' The other states watch closely, many of them horrified, a very few ready to join. When the flustered central governement demands, 'Lay down your arms', Wyoming says, 'Come and take them!'

"The prerequistie of freedom has always been bravery. Brimming with muscular thought and heroic action, Molon Labe is a modern road map back to our foresaken valor."

See if you can spot any mention of "Fred's M14 Stocks" in this book! :)


Softcover. 456 pages. Get a copy - you will not regret it! And you will find out why everyone wants this book! And everyone needs to read it!

Molon Labe
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