M14E2 Walnut, Refinished to As-New, Major Repairs - Out/Stock!

SORRY! OUT OF STOCK! PLEASE DO NOT ORDER!!! Complete with all the hard-to-find metal. The GI Walnut E2 stocks were first to be issued, first to be used, first to be overhauled and refinished - so it's rare to find one with original markings of any kind. Likewise, all of them reflect repairs - brass pins, sometimes wood insert repairs, glued cracks, etc - Each of these stocks wil lhave MAJOR repairs - all done while in military service. Examples include side spits, forearm splits, wood repair blocks inlet into the forearm to repair where the front handgrip was pulled right out of the wood - and all have the original GI metal. The original buttpads sometimes deteriorated, so when that happens, we've replaced it with a buttpad using modern materials which should last generations - and used the original metal reinforcement plate fo the original GI buttpad, so you're getting as close to the original article as possible.

"Major repairs" means a major crack (repaired by the military), sometimes with bedding compound, sometimes with brass pins; or an inletted piece of wood to repair the forearm where the forward grip was pulled right out of the wood by rough handling. I've seen these stocks look like new on one side; flip it over; and see a major repaired crack on the other side.

    Even tho these stocks are heavily-repaired, they are sound as a dollar, having been repaired by the military to milspec. And each has been refinished to commercial standard with a fine smooth finish to bring out the wood grain.

    I have a few stocks available. Call 336-465-8178 for your needs.

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