M14 Walnut Rifle Stock, As-New, Winchester

Note: These stocks are in VERY short supply, and we can run out unexpectedly - but we will fill orders as long as the stocks hold out!

Winchester has a long heritage of producing rifles for the army, and the M14 was no exception.

Here we have an example of the best M14 stock ever issued, as new as the day it came out of the original box  - so what you get is an "As New" M14 Rifle Stock, part of the original M14 manufacture, over 50 years old, with all the original As New metal...may have picked up a minor ding or two in the original packing and shipping  - but no question, this is an authentic GI M14 rifle stock which seems to have never issued.

WITH the original proof/acceptance markings!

Ask any knowledgeable woodworker - you can't get the kind of walnut today that you found 60 years ago. Manufactured back in an era we can only imagine today, an America prior to the drug-worshipping '60s, prior to the new norm of non-performing high-self-esteem incompentents living at home with ma and pa, an America where you did not have to carry identification papers, nor produce them when asked by the authorities, etc...but even back then SSI was used (then-illegally) for ID purposes, so the future was easy to see, and easy to let happen...hard to believe all the changes, hard to envision those that are coming.

If you don't want to be part of it, get to an Appleseed (rwva.org) as soon as you can - and make sure you take someone - spouse, kid, neighbor, co-worker, mailman - whomever - with you!

Get one while they are still available. Get one of the few we have left!

M14 Walnut Rifle Stock, As-New, Winchester
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