M14 "Vietnam" Stock w/sling, HG - Sorry, out of Stock!

Sorry! Out of stock! Please do not order!

These show up from time to time, so there may be a few available in the future.

I have a very few of these which just popped up in the warehouse!

A well-used M14 rifle stock, so well-used, it could well have come back from "over there". Worn, dinged, a lot of trigger time!

Comes complete with matching "Vietnam" handguard and "Vietnam" sling - both well-used, but both fully usable.

Take advantage of the interchangeability of M14 stocks to dress that prom queen in your safe or closet so, down at the range, she can take "a walk on the wild side". Your friends won't recognize that Sunday School Lady when she shows up at the range looking like a street person, ready to rumble. 

And to think, all it takes is a "Vietnam" stock, handguard and sling!

Makes a good conversation piece, good collectible relic, fully serviceable and ready to use. Easy takeoff and put-on to make the transition from prom queen to "baddest muttha in the 'hood" swift and amazing, as you discover a side of your beauty you never knew was there!

Either walnut or birch, whichever is picked first...but genuine used, for sure! And not just regular use - no sir, hard use, like in a combat zone!

PS: Don't let the pic fool you. Look at it closely, and you'll start to pick up on some of the details of much hard use, over there, in the 'zone. In real life, that stock is not only used and abused by hard use, it looks like it! I will include refinishing instructions, but this being a historical relic, suggest you use as-is!



M14 "Vietnam" Stock w/sling, HG - Sorry, out of Stock!
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