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     It's arguable at least that the M14 rifle was the best battle rifle this country has ever fielded. For an army of rifleman, you can hardly beat it. The worthless full-auto feature would be ignored by any rifleman, as he punches home his message out to 500 yards, one round at a time, hitting the target with more energy at 500 yards than the .223 at the muzzle.

     Of course we don't have an army of riflemen, and never intended to, so no wonder it served such a short time before being replaced in a decision made by a non-rifleman.

     Back in the 1990s, the Clinton administration with the approval of congress (who were hot to saving the taxpayers the $1.XX per year each rifle cost to store) destroyed hundreds of thousands of M14 rifles, some brand new and unissued, and then dumped the rest on the Baltic nations of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. (Let's hope none of those countries ever decides to invade us!)

     Out of the demil program came the stocks ultimately acquired by Freds. The easy interchangeability of stocks makes it easy for America's civilian M1A owners to own several stocks - a nice wood for display, a synthetic for field use, a well-used stock for a "trunk gun" - even a "Vietnam stock" for historical presentation.

     Our lower grades of stocks are so cheap you can afford to buy several to learn or practice stock refinishing, and see how nice a job you can do.

     Every stock unless otherwise stated comes with 1) the original US GI buttplate; 2) the front ferule; 3) the forward sling swivel; 4) the metal stock liner; adn 5) the rear swivel and buttplate mounting screws.

     Being original M14 rifle stocks, all our stocks feature the cutout for the selector...

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M14 Walnut Rifle Stock, Select-Plus OUT OF STOCK! DO NOT ORDER!Rare Smooth-Sided "Vietnam" Synthetic M14 Stock

Good shape, lots of life left, standard used buttplate, but more dings than "excellent" - but not enough to drop it down into "good"...Now, a "tiger" option!

Rare Early Smooth-Sided - the very first synthetic, a true piece of M14 history, NO checkering, glossy finish, slightly thicker through the pistol grip - but well-used. So RARE you have probably never seen one. With buttplate, naturally! While...