M14 Rifle Stock, Presentation-grade, Springfield BIRCH!



Note: We seem to be out of the Walnut SA P-grades, but we do still have some Birch P-grades, which offer three advantages over Walnut:

          1.Birch is about 20% stronger than walnut, and a stock which is 20% stronger is a better stock to have, right?

          2. Birch as a wood is less subject to developing cracks over time than walnut - another good thing to know!

          3. While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, many believe a birch stock has a wanlut beat all over in the beauty department. Most SA birch stocks have a fine semi-gloss commercial-quality finish...

So where are you gonna find an original US GI M14 SPRINGFIELD ARMORY rifle stock, as new as the day it was made, over 50 years ago?

Springfield Armory [now closed] has a long and honorable history of manufacturing small arms for us, beginning with the Revolutionary War, continuing through the Civil War (where at one time, it was the ONLY maker of small arms). It was Springfield which developed the M1903, perhaps the most famous American bolt-action military rifle, as well as the M1 Garand.

And, of course, the M14, perhaps the best battle rifle this country has ever fielded.

You can't get more auntentic, if you are looking to build a representative US military M14 rifle, than any parts manufactured by Springfield Armory. M1 Garand collectors know that SA Garands were the quality standards of all Garands; Springfield M14s were made to those same quality standards.

Never issued, the pick of those thousands of M14 rifle stocks we started with, so long ago, appearing as new as the day it came out of the original box  - As New metal...the stock will be as perfect as you can find. It may have one or more small dings, but you will have to search for them. In short, the best you can find, condition-wise...Our stock on all our remaining grades is extremely thin, less than 50 or so of these outstanding never-to-be-seen-again pristine SAs, so if you want an original GI M14 SA rifle stock, as near mint as they came from the maker, this may be your last chance...



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