M14 Rifle: Preventative Maintenance

This pocket-sized pamphlet has 32 concentrated pages of tips on maintenance of the M14 in combat and the field, including the E2. This manual was locally issued in VN during the war, to help our boys keep their M14s up and running in some very tough field conditions. Lots of advice and directions here to help keep your M14 up and running. Things you don’t necessarily find in the regular manuals, which someday (who knows?) may save your life.

The manual,  a compilation of M14 tips from the Army PS publication on maintance is, unlike ordinary Army pubs, informal, breezy, and entertaining as it reviews the necessary steps on "how to keep your M14 running - in the field" as it was explained to the man sitting in the jungle or on a red dust covered hill, facing the enemy.


5 X 7 inches

M14 Rifle: Preventative Maintenance
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