M14 Repack Kit

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Original M14 rifle bandoleer repack sets! Genuine original all GI! Sixty-plus years old, but never issued!

And getting a bit scarce - as you might imagine!

Makes a cool-looking accessory for your M1A.

Plus very useful for carrying extra ammo.

Several will pack nicely in a .30 GI ammo can.

Comprises the bandoleer, six cardboards, 12 stripper clips, and one hard-to-find magazine filler - all new and unuissued, right from the ammo demill program!

These will probably be going up in price, soon, so better order some, now...

Six pocket bandoleer (most w/safety pin), 12 5-rd clips (getting hard to find), 6 cardboards, the hard to get mag filler, All UNISSUED USGI. Each 60 rd bandoleer, ready for fast loading with the handy mag filler, is equivalent to three 20-rd magazines.

Live the dream! Become a Rifleman!

You already have an M1A/M14. Now get Fred's "Guide to Becoming a Rifleman" - complete with targets!


M14 Repack Kit
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