M14 Birch Rifle Stock, Select-Plus


Note: These stocks are in VERY short supply, and we can run out unexpectedly - but we will fill orders as long as the stocks hold out!

Not quite good enough to be "excellent", but better than "Good". Think "Excellent" with an extra helping of dings, maybe a few scratches, but no significant chips, and no cracks. But with a standard used buttplate. Just a plain serviceable, usable better-grade birch M14 stock. I do not post pictures because each stock is so different...an easy refinish project, with the enclosed instructions...and birch offers so many color options.

Birch stocks were often picked for color guard stocks because they could be stripped to bare wood, sanded smooth, and finished clear, so that you had a dramatic light yellow stock. With different stains you can duplicate the original reddish brown finish, or go for a 'walnut' look. Yes, birch can imitate walnut so well that even us here at Fred's sometimes have to take a very close look... :)

  • Item #: STB007
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Price $52.00
6 or more $30.00 each