M14 Birch Rifle Stock, Select-Plus


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     Birch stocks are some of the most beautiful stocks you can find. Certainly, with a little effort, they can be made so...

   Refinished, they can be left unstained, in which case they will be a nice blond color. The military created color guard stocks by simply sanding down birch stocks, removing all the fiinish, and then coating them with a high-gloss varnish.

   Or you can stain them to almost any shade of brown, from a light tan to a near black. Hit the "walnut" shade, and sometimes you can't tell the stock from walnut!

    On top of that, birch as a wood is more resistent to dings than walnut, less subject to cracking, and about 20% stronger.

    What's not to like?

    As to "Select-plus": Not quite good enough to be "excellent", but better than "Good".Some could be near "Excellent" with an extra helping of dings, others are merely run-of-the-mill stocks showing regular military use - maybe a few scratches, but no significant chips, and no cracks. Just a plain serviceable, usable better-grade birch M14 stock. I do not post pictures because each stock is so different...an easy refinish project, with the enclosed instructions...



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