M1 Carbine Ammo Repack


Ten complete sets! As near as unissued as you can get, from the old ammo demill program of some years ago.


This is the complete set - bandoleer, 6 cardboards, and 12 10-rd stripper clips.


Depending on how inventory runs, each clip will have an integral mag filler ("old style", I've been told), or, like the M14, the clips will be straight stripper clips, and there will be a separate mag filler with each bandoleer.


Because the original GI cardboards were very flimsy, we have substituted identical cardboards, except of a heavier weight, to last longer.

  • Item #: SC04
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Price $12.00
10 or more $7.50 each
50 or more $7.20 each
100 or more $6.70 each