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Also: Please remember the minimum order is $50, and that any outrageous shipping quote is adjusted to actual shipping once the order is processed with UPS. And please don't forget: The more you order, weight-wise, the cheaper per pound the shipping is. Make that shipping dollar work for you! [Hint: Targets will not only make you a better shot, they are also weighty!] 

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Welcome to Freds, where Becoming a Rifleman is a BIG DEAL. If you haven't considered joining that elite society, think about it! What's the point of owning a rifle, if you can't hit a target beyond 100 yards? (Why, it'd be like owning a race car, just sitting in the driveway - but you  - you are lucky to make it to the corner 7-11 store! Heck, if you've got it, learn to drive it! And you can!)

Check out how easy I make it, with "Fred's Guide to Becoming a Rifleman", which even includes the targets you'll need in order to earn that qualification...

And check out the REDCOAT targets, a fun way to answer an important question you probably never asked yourself: How far away am I effective with my rifle? You will be surprised that a target which requires only 13 shots can answer that question - and you need no more than 82 feet (25 meters) for a range.

And, they are super-fun to shoot! Which is why we bundle them as a package of 100. You'll want to shoot them often - it's like eating peanuts - how can you stop with just one? And your friends will want to try them, too!

And consider the implications of being a rifleman: like, think of your country: Would it be a better country, if we had more riflemen? People skilled with a firearm, who "know what it's about?" Would you make the founders of this country happy, if you made the effort? (I'll help you; the answer is "YES!")

For you first-time visitors to this site, I recently "retired" after selling M14 rifle stocks for 25 years via large ads in Shotgun News (now, Firearms News). I have lots of other stuff useful to rifle owners, as you will see on this site. And remember the most important: here at Freds, you will find all the ingredients needed to take you from being a rifle owner to something FAR better: A Rifleman - a man (or woman) skilled with a rifle, able to hit man-sized military surplus targets out to 500 yards!  Better yet, take a friend, relative, or neighbor with you on the journey to Becoming a Rifleman. This country needs more riflemen. We need to keep the heritage alive. Right?

While here, please look over our stock of targets, manuals, slings, ammo repack kits, books and CDs. You'll be glad you did! [Those E2 stocks will be coming, in the future, along with some "premo" regular M14 rifle stocks!]

By the way, please note that we ship UPS, which is fast and safe, but not very friendly in rates on small items, so if you order less than 5 pounds, you'll probably pay about what it would take to ship 5 pounds. Sorry, that's just the way their system works...

So, if you arrive at our site wanting only one item, shop around - you may find other things you can use...and shipping will be only a little more, if any.





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    US GI M1 Garand Rifle Stock, Walnut, Gr 2 "Hits Count!" Redcoat 25m Targets, bundle of 100
    US GI M1 Garand Rifle Stock, Walnut, Gr 2"Crossbows: Tunes from the1st/2nd American War of Independence""Hits Count!" Redcoat 25m Targets, bundle of 100

    Well-used walnut Garand stock with metal - buttplate, ferule, etc - all in super Gr 2 well-used condition.

    You may have never have heard music like this, based on music developed for early battlefields as a means of transmitting orders, then into tunes for marching and entertainment. This CD comes out of Texas, and contains Civil War music dating back...

     This target is the same unique target fired at the beginning and end of each Appleseed day - it answers a question most people never thought to ask, "How far off am I effective with my rifle?"




    10-rd M16 Stripper Clips, EXC-As New, 5/$1 25M Army Qualification Test (AQT) Targets, Ten Sets w/ Guide Bandoleer, M60 (M14 Mag Bandoleer) - Low as .75 ea in quantity!
    10-rd M16 Stripper Clips, EXC-As New, 5/$125M Army Qualification Test (AQT) Targets, Ten Sets w/ GuideBandoleer, M60 (M14 Mag Bandoleer) - Low as .75 ea in quantity!
    [Please be advised we cannot accept orders for less than $50 in product. Orders for less will be cancelled...] From the big ammo demil program of some years ago come these 10-rd M16 stripper clips, essentially unissued. Quantity priced to save you money!

    This is the way any Rifleman will get started, and the way he or she will measure progress toward becoming a Rifleman, as well as confirming skill retention. Find out whether you are a rifleman - or a cook. Shoot this Army course through at 25...

    Unissued US GI cotton pouch with carry strap - use it to carry up to 5 M14 mags. Has the cardboard box/liner. Most dated 1961...




    Bandoleer, M60 (M14 Mag Bandoleer), quantity of 100 for $65! Bandoleer, M60 (M14 Mag Bandoleer), quantity of 20 for $20 Bandoleer, M60 (M14 Mag Bandoleer), quantity of 50 for $50
    Bandoleer, M60 (M14 Mag Bandoleer), quantity of 100 for $65!Bandoleer, M60 (M14 Mag Bandoleer), quantity of 20 for $20Bandoleer, M60 (M14 Mag Bandoleer), quantity of 50 for $50

    100 unissued M60 bandoleers suitable for many uses, including carry of M14 mags...

    Twenty M60 pouches suitable for many range uses - empty brass, empty mags, etc. Each has a carrying strap. Uniussed.

     Unissued, with cardboard box and carrying strap.




    Boston's Gun Bible
    Boston's Gun BibleFred's SGN ColumnsM1 Carbine Ammo Repack [New style]

    Over 800 pages of info on choosing a battle rifle, cartridge, tactics, even how to shop a gun show.

    The collected first four years of my columns in SGN (1199-2002) which track the development of the "rifleman" concept...

    Unissed, and complete!




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