Fred's SGN Columns

The collected first four years of my columns in Shotgun News (1999-2002) which track the development of the "rifleman" concept, Fred's growing appreciation for the history and heritage which begin on April 19th, 1775, and the shooting tips which eventually morphed into "Fred's 'Guide to Becoming a Rifleman'".

Check out "Tactics of the 2nd Amendment Rifleman" for some no-BS thoughts on how and what you should do and expect.

Consideration of how modern riflemen might react and deal with a 1776-type encounter led to the series I called "Battlin' the UN", which ultimately I consolidated into a short story by the same title, listed and availabe for separate purchase on the site.

So it's all here; those crucial formative years which laid the foundation for what ultimately became Project Appleseed, which to date is approaching 100,000 attendees.

In these early columns, you'll find Fred doing a lot of things he no longer does, like UN-bashing. He's learned to focus, nowdays, not on iceberg counting, but on saving the Titanic. So check out to learn about Project Appleseed and what it - and you - can do to save this country.

And, in taking the journey along with Fred, perhaps you will reach an unexpected destination, yourself!

There's a lot of words, here - almost a quarter-million! - guaranteed to put you to sleep for a good night's rest, if you keep these collected columns on the bedside nightstand. Really! :)

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