"Battlin the UN", Fred's favorite Story! PG rated!

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So who cares about character development in fiction? Not Fred! He cares about how American riflemen would use those skills passed down over generations - if they ever had to use them again.

The real star of this story are rifles in the hands of those who know how to use them - and how to work as a team!

The worst happens. Your liberty is threatened. What do you do? Do you say, "Liberty or Death"? Or do you say, "Surrender Before You Fight!" (Let me tell you: My experience with modern Americans suggests most will pick the second...)

It can be a cruel choice. But life sometimes deals you a cruel choice. If you plant yourself solidly in the American tradition of "Liberty or Death", what do you need to do? When the time comes, how would it play out? What could you do, with a rifle and some skill? When it comes down, this is one way it could be, if you can find two others with brains and guts.

Blows PC out of the water, with a description of how a few skilled marksmen can make the difference in the battle for freedom.

Don't be fooled! I printed this in small print, on a few sheets of paper, to keep the cost low for you. It doesn't look like much, but there's power packed in every page. You'll need an afternoon to get thru it, 'cause once you've read it the first time thru, you'll want to reread it a second time.

And when you'rd done reading, you can take the targets to the range, and see how YOU could do, faced with defending liberty, the American way.

Way back in Fred's younger days, he speculated how skilled riflemen could take on an invading foe. This story, written in the year 2000, is the result. Buy this and you'll be there, in eastern Iowa on July 4, 2017, as a few joes on a hot, sultry afternoon take on a UN convoy in the opening battle of the next war for freedom!

You could call this "the adventures of Fred" as you read thru each cliff-hanging chapter, chapters with titles like "Death from Above" and "Charge of the Bulgar". Follow a traumatic day in the life of guys a lot like you who become veterans in an afternoon, defending America and liberty with their firearms, just like in 1775. And who, at the end of the day, wish maybe they had fought the 'soft war' just a little harder. See what it might be like, with only your front sight between you and the enemy! Relying on your skill with a rifle, in the proud tradition of many older generations of Americans. Perfect unique gift for that teen's birthday. Action from opening paragraphs right to the last!

The only short story which comes with its own targets, so you can test your own skill against UN trucks and APCs! SHAZAM! How good can it get? Where's my rifle!!

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